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So You Think You Are Not Toxic!

Have you ever wondered if we really are being attacked by invisible killers, or is it a ploy by people like me who sell products to remove these toxins? The map to the left lists sites which emit pollutants into the atmosphere in Ayustralia. The red areas have more than 100 polluting sites. We all […]

Toxic Radiation From Strontium And Caesium – Does Homer Simpson Live In Japan?

Most of us had a good laugh at Homer Simpson working in the Nuclear Power Plant and watching mutant fish! This year it all became too real as the plume from Fukushima spread its way around the world. With the recent situation in Japan and radiation clouds circumnavigating the earth, one would tend to ask […]

Dr David Suzuki Talks About Our Toxic Planet

A while ago, world environmentalist, Dr David Suzuki, was interviewed on Lateline, one of Australia’s premier news programs. Many of you will know that Dr Suzuki has been in the forefront of the call to minimize toxins in the environment. He talked about constant opposition from Scientists and the Universities he worked at and attempts […]

Toxins In Our Food

Salad In A Jar- How To Keep The Crunch In Your Packed Lunch

Having a cramped up sched is never an excuse to not eat healthy. Your diet plays a very important role when it comes to both the way you feel and the way you look. That is why the very idea of salad in a jar is most likely the best thing since sliced bread, sliced […]

BBQ Grilling Mats – Various Clever Tips And Techniques

We will cover some tips and techniques for using your grill mats successfully. As soon as your grill is heated to the ideal temperature level for what you’re grilling, which will be between 325 and 375 degrees, just place your mats on the grill. They’ll heat quite fast. When you’re cooking on the mats realize […]

SpiraLife Veggie Spiralizer – A Quick, Simple & Inexpensive Veggie Noodle Maker

If you are like me, you do not buy gimmicky kitchenware or anything "As Seen On TV." That's for people who watch 2am Home Shopping Network, right? I recall as a kid seeing these late-night outrageous infomercials where the audience swoons and claps like little girls at a Justin Bieber concert. Dumb. But I did […]

Sick Of Worthless Screwpull Openers? Purchase Zazzol’s Fantastic Opener For Effortless Use Each time

Do you have a wine opener that is difficult to make use of, unreliable and unsightly? There’s nothing more aggravating attempting to open a bottle of wine at supper or at a social gathering and breaking the cork. Entertaining close friends and enjoying a glass of wine must be a peaceful and pleasurable experience, not […]

Spiller & Tait Coffee – Best Award Winning Speciality Coffee Beans Roasted in the United Kingdom

We have actually been trying to find a coffee we could drink through out the day and finally we have found the Spiller & Tait Signature Beans, which actually do fit the bill. There are lots of on-line coffee beans to pick from, however these beans from Spiller and Tait, which is exclusively available by […]

Shred Pork Like A Pro With The Kitchen Claws By KitchenReady

The MOST Versatile Tool in the Kitchen! See how EASY it is to create Professional Pulled Pork BBQ using Kitchen Claws by KitchenReady! Offered on Amazon.com!

Instructions To Create A Honey Glazed Ham Sauce

Check Out This Video About Glazed Ham Recipe Ham is one of my preferred foods to feast during the summertime time. I have actually been making ham on the grill for many years and I constantly prefer to check out new recipes for ham. I believed I had actually tried everything, but I still never […]

How To Maintain Wooden Kitchen Utensils: Excellent Video

Pretty much every kitchen in the country will have at least one wooden kitchen utensil. It comes as no surprise that wooden kitchen utensils are common as they are reasonably low-cost, simple to use, so versatile they can be used on any cooking material and they look great in the kitchen. I've always had a […]

Whiskey Stones That Work! – A Revolutionary Breakthrough For Whiskey Drinkers

Ever wished that there was a better way to chill a fine whiskey, without using ice? I love my whiskey! The problem was, although some like it at room temperature, I much prefer mine chilled, but I began to really dislike the diluted taste when using ice. So I decided to try a set of […]

Julienne Your Vegetables With Native Springs High Quality Spiral Slicer

This is my brand-new favorite kitchen gizmo! If you’re like me and enjoy to prepare food however constantly looking for means to prepare healthy, then this is a must try. You would never ever think something so little can do so much … however it can. This spiral slicer makes eating my veggies enjoyable, particularly […]