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So You Think You Are Not Toxic!

Have you ever wondered if we really are being attacked by invisible killers, or is it a ploy by people like me who sell products to remove these toxins? The map to the left lists sites which emit pollutants into the atmosphere in Ayustralia. The red areas have more than 100 polluting sites. We all […]


Toxic Radiation From Strontium And Caesium – Does Homer Simpson Live In Japan?

Most of us had a good laugh at Homer Simpson working in the Nuclear Power Plant and watching mutant fish! This year it all became too real as the plume from Fukushima spread its way around the world. With the recent situation in Japan and radiation clouds circumnavigating the earth, one would tend to ask […]


Dr David Suzuki Talks About Our Toxic Planet

A while ago, world environmentalist, Dr David Suzuki, was interviewed on Lateline, one of Australia’s premier news programs. Many of you will know that Dr Suzuki has been in the forefront of the call to minimize toxins in the environment. He talked about constant opposition from Scientists and the Universities he worked at and attempts […]

Toxins In Our Food

Organic Matcha Lattes Help You With Weight Loss

Matcha Green Tea Powder has been prepared in the orient for thousands of years for health and longevity. Originating in China and Japan in 900 AD. It's recent popularity in the west was popularized by Starbucks with the introduction of Matcha Green Tea Lattes. The incredible aroma and health benefits are enticing and good for […]

Lambie & Me's New Cookbook With Recipes For Toddlers Is Here

Lambie & Me has a brand-new present for its valuable clients, and this time, the precious brand for baby care items is providing with a cookbook. Check Out This Lambie & Me Presents First Cookbook Video And why is it unique? Because it features a collection of recipes that can make the fussiest kid slurp! […]

Best Bakeware Liner Ever – Check It Out!

There is a lot of pleasure in baking. It is important, nevertheless, to follow the recipe. If an important ingredient is excluded or added in the incorrect proportions, the end outcome is normally not good. Yes, there is some liberty with particular ingredients to make the dish your own. However for the most part the […]

Red Wine Aerator Useful Ideas For A Much Better Wine

This two minute video has useful tips if you're thinking of buying a wine aerator and it answers questions such as: Which wines gain the most from aeration? What wines do not require aeration? What is the one thing you should always do before aerating your wine?Why is it a smart idea to own an […]

Iced Green Tea With Flavoured Ice Spheres

In the hot summer days a refrigerated drink is something very energising and good to have close at hand. Yes, there are plenty of bottled and canned non-alcoholic drinks you can purchase in the shops.Still this is fine if you are prepared to turn a blind eye to the high degree of unhealthy additives, including […]

Learn To Prepare Food Just Like The Pros Using These Easy Ideas

Food preparation can be daunting. Many people have encouraged themselves that they merely can not do it, and afterwards, waste hundreds of dollars a month on eating out or getting pre-made food. Don't let this take place to you! Food preparation can be simple and reliable, and this article is right here to reveal you […]

Make Your Life Less Stressful With Cowgirl’s Gourmet Nonstick Baking Sheets

Cowgirl’s Gourmet Baking Mats are created to make your baking life so easy and easy that you will like developing dishes and treats for your household once again. These silicone- covered fiberglass mats are created to be non-stick for easy food removal. Their amazing non-stick-ability is due to the unique patented design, which allows even […]

I Love My Brand New 2 Piece Plastic Polka Dot Cutting Board Set

My polka dot cutting boards are the very best food preparation accessory purchase I have made! I don't have that much counter space, so I actually hang these on the wall when they are not in use. The polka dot pattern and intense colors make them a fun decoration. I utilize the small one for […]

Learn How To BBQ Rub A Chicken

Click Here For Dry Rub For Chicken Video I definitely love making my own bbq dry rub recipes. I have actually been making use of dry rubs for chicken for about 30 years now and I'm wanting to be dry rubbing chicken another 30 more years. The primary step to dry rubbing a chicken is […]

TruVibe Raw Organic Chia Seed – The Magic Seed That Increases Your Energy Levels

I’m always searching for new ways to increase my energy levels and I should state that I believe I found an incredible source in TruVibe Chia Seeds. I found this item on Amazon and chose to give it a shot. Within a few days I could feel the increase in my energy levels and my […]