Dr David Suzuki Talks About Our Toxic Planet

A while ago, world environmentalist, Dr David Suzuki, was interviewed on Lateline, one of Australia’s premier news programs.

Many of you will know that Dr Suzuki has been in the forefront of the call to minimize toxins in the environment.

He talked about constant opposition from Scientists and the Universities he worked at and attempts by big business to shut him down over the years.

We Are Killing Ourselves Slowly

The message we heard last night is that the world is on an unsustainable path, slowly polluting the environment. He pointed out the number of children with Asthma and many other diseases, as an indication of the toxicity we now face, and he said he can no longer visit China or India because of the severe pollution. He further suggested that apart from heavy metals and other toxins, we each have about 1 pound of plastic in our bodies, accumulated over a lifetime!

If you believe Dr Suzuki even partly you will realize that the toxic body burden we carry in our bodies contributes to a lack of vitality, poor health and eventually inflammation and disease. To most people this is becoming obvious. What is not so obvious, is what we can do about it!

What I Am Doing About This Situation

Over the last 4 years I have been taking Activated Liquid Zeolite on a regular basis and for the last month or so eating two to three pieces of Chava Vital Chocolate every day. I am feeling fabulous and have noticed many symptoms I used to have simply disappear.

Others I have introduced to this technology report similar findings.

Now I know that I am selling these products, because I believe in them, but to date I haven’t found a better way to stay vital and healthy and ensure a long healthy life.

As I head towards 60, not only do I see many small children suffering (our 4 year old is in perfect health) but many younger than me suffering from Diabetes, Arthritis, Cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. All of these are at least partly caused by toxins in the body, something you simply can’t avoid in 2010.

What You can Do To Protect Yourself And Your Family

I would encourage you to take 10-15 drops a day of Activated Liquid Zeolite as a daily minimum to keep those toxins at bay and if you do this with 2-3 pieces of Chava which include the Zeolite, you get a high level of antioxidants to counteract the free radicals as well.

Right now the Aussie dollar is very high, so the cost of these products is at rock bottom.

You may not believe my message, but isn’t it interesting to know that the world’s greatest environmentalist has the same message about our toxic planet?

More information on Zeolite at http://zeolitereview.org

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