BBQ Grilling Mats – Various Clever Tips And Techniques

We will cover some tips and techniques for using your grill mats successfully.

As soon as your grill is heated to the ideal temperature level for what you’re grilling, which will be between 325 and 375 degrees, just place your mats on the grill. They’ll heat quite fast. When you’re cooking on the mats realize that it will be about the same as using a non-stick frying pan. You will definitely prefer to spray your mats with a coating of cooking oil right before you begin. Just like any other non-stick cookware, the oil will make the food a lot easier to deal with and simplify cleaning the mats as well.

To handle the food on the mats make use of your silicone-tipped pincers in one hand and your spatula in the other. With these two tools you can easily place the mats wherever you need them when you’re cooking. You will make use of these two main items in a number of ways, depending upon what you’re grilling.

For instance, with fish you can use your pincers to manipulate the item onto the spatula or to maintain the mat in place as you slide the spatula underneath the fish. You will do the same with various other foods, like pancakes, hamburgers, chicken, bacon and most other meats as well.

The pincers may be used to turn and position foods that hold together when handled including shrimp, vegetables, fruits and similar foods. With larger amounts of food, like mixed vegetables, move your tools straight toward each other whenever turning the food or mixing in your sauces. This will help prevent the mats from sliding.

You will discover that eggs are very easy to barbecue if you spray a little extra oil onto the mat and make sure your grill not on tilt. The leveling is important, or else you run the risk of losing your eggs down inside your barbecue.

Hurray!! you can go ahead and commence barbecuing!

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