Toxins In Fruits and Vegies Exposed!

By John Gaydon

As someone interested in information on how to safely remove toxins, pesticides and heavy metals from your body, you might be wondering why anyone would need to do this, and if we really are exposed to these deadly poisons. Well, on one of the current affairs shows recently, they told us about all the extra stuff you get with your fruits and vegies.

Unless you live on Mars, you will be aware of the toxins in out fast food. The movie ‘Supersize Me’ exposed the real health effects of eating Fast Food regularly. Morgan Spurlock was heading for obesity and a heart condition after just a few weeks eating exclusively from McDonalds. This company is thriving in our “recession” as people turn to cheaper foods. There is plenty of evidence that all processed food is deficient in nutrition and laced with toxins. Code 330 in soft drink, for instance, has been exposed as cancer causing. Many of these additives cause skin rashes and digestive problems.

What You Don’t Know May Kill You!

Now our fresh fruits and vegies are under attack. Even the air we breathe contains benzene and other dangerous chemicals, depending on where you live.

Recently, I am becoming more aware that mould inhibitors, preservatives, flavor enhancers, artificial colourings and flavourings, and a host of other free extras you receive with processed food, while deadly, are not entirely to blame for our sick society. The problem starts much earlier in the food chain.

Have you ever seen a food label of fresh meat, fruits and vegetables, or even supermarket food, listing the toxins present in the raw ingredients? Many farmers are suffering from cancer, chronic fatigue, arthritis and a whole host of degenerative diseases, despite living in the beautiful stress free countryside all their lives. When you talk to them they tell of crop dusting, handling farm chemicals, drinking from water supplies laced with Lead, Mercury and Arsenic, and other horrors accepted as part of life.

This stuff is in most of the food we purchase. There are many who suggest that Celiac Disease stems not from wheat, but the pesticides used in crop production. No mention of this on your favourite cereal label! What about corn, rice and other staples. Same thing – chemicals and impure water are used in production and you are not being told about it. This is a serious situation robbing the health of you and your family. It is totally outrageous that we are left in the dark.

There Is Proof

In the US, diseases have been tied to certain toxins in difference cities, proving beyond doubt that added extras which our body absorbs compromise our health. The fact is, that if you live in the modern world, you can’t avoid this stuff!

Many have concluded, as I have, that it is virtually impossible to know how much toxic material you are consuming day by day. Only by continually cleaning your body can you have a real chance at a healthy life. Why not take preventative measures and remove the toxins before they do irrepairable damage. That is what I am doing.

What You Can Do – Today!

To date, the most effective way to get all of the bad guys out of your body is ‘Activate Liquid Zeolite’. That is why I promote it, and that is why I recommend everyone I know to at least go on the one month detox program. Many who do this notice a significant increase in energy and have the peace of mind that they are minimising the damage our modern world causes to our health.

So keep your eyes open, and believe what is happening to make our food more economical. This madness has been going on since World War II and it is killing and disabling far more people than the war ever did. Someone you know is suffering right now from accumulated toxins. More and more stories will emerge soon about how commercial interested have compromised our food and nutrition.

John Gaydon has been researching Natural Health for over 30 years. Recently he came across a revolutionary new detox product which removes heavy metals and other toxins safely. John can be contacted at or visit his web site at Simply click on “Activated Liquid Zeolite” link.


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