Whiskey Stones That Work! – A Revolutionary Breakthrough For Whiskey Drinkers

Ever wished that there was a better way to chill a fine whiskey, without using ice?

I love my whiskey! The problem was, although some like it at room temperature, I much prefer mine chilled, but I began to really dislike the diluted taste when using ice. So I decided to try a set of soapstone whiskey rocks. I had heard that they did provide a slight chill, while avoiding dilution. So, I went to Amazon and ordered myself some, hoping this would be a solution.

I froze them for 5 hours, as directed and then tried them out. What a waist of money! The chill provided by soapstone whisky rocks was minimal, they were heavy for their small size and even after 5 hours of freezing and using 6 stones, the difference in the temperature of my whisky was barely noticeable. What a total disappointment! Even though, they did make a slight difference in the temperature of my drink, they were far from satisfactory. No wonder why they are so cheap!

I returned to Amazon and searched for something better. I came across Great White Ice whisky stones. Sold by a Canadian company, They were made of high grade stainless steel and contained a chilling gel in the center of each cube. So, I decided to give these ones a try.

I was extremely impressed when I received them. They were nicely packaged in a little gift box, with a pouch and a little set of ice tongs. They only had to be frozen from 1-2 hours before they were ready to be used and I could use them in any type of beverage. So, I gave them a try.

I froze them for 2 hours and put them in my drink as directed. To my amazement, they actually worked! They chilled my drink to perfection! They are slightly bigger then those made of soapstone, but are still lighter. Although, they are not quite as cold as ice, they still make a huge difference in the temperature of my drink. I now use them in my wine,juice and pop , and my husband uses them as scotch rocks.

If you already have those made of soapstone, once you try the stainless steel whisky stones, you will never use the other ones again. Offering way more benefits then any other type on the market, they are without a doubt, superior in every way!

If you’re looking for the best way to cool your whisky, without diluting it,Great White Ice whiskey stones are by far the best alternative currently available. You will see for yourself that they honestly do, work great! The best part is, they are backed by a lifetime replacement guarantee, so you can try them at no risk.

I strongly recommend you give these a try. Just click the link at the bottom of the page and go check them out. Trust me, I can guarantee, if you decide to order a set, you will be totally impressed.

Superior Whiskey Stones

Sold by a Canadian company

Constructed from from high food grade stainless steel which is know for its durability, natural anti- bacterial and anti-rust properties, these whiskey stones will never rust, corrode, spot with water. They will keep their brilliant appearance for ever and will last a lifetime.

The food grade, non-toxic chilling gel in the center of each cube, allows for minimal freezing time (1-2 hours) and longer chilling time then any chilling rock can provide.

Easy to clean – Dishwasher safe

Easy to store – Comes with a nice little drawstring storage pouch, so they can easily fit in any freezer

Tasteless and odorless – do not cross contaminate and do not retain tastes or smells from other items around them

Perfect Size – 1 inch square cubes, can fit in any glass

Light Weight – About the same as a regular ice cube the same size

Very modern – Look great in any drink

Can be used in any beverage – Use them as wine stones or scotch rocks, in your beer, water, protein shakes, pop or juice

100% environmentally safe, food grade one, BPA free, FDA approved

Better than soapstone whisky rocks, which, cannot be used in the dishwasher, are small, heavy, have to be frozen for a minimum of 4 hrs before usage, can break and crack and do not get nearly as cold


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