SpiraLife Veggie Spiralizer – A Quick, Simple & Inexpensive Veggie Noodle Maker

If you are like me, you do not buy gimmicky kitchenware or anything "As Seen On TV." That's for people who watch 2am Home Shopping Network, right? I recall as a kid seeing these late-night outrageous infomercials where the audience swoons and claps like little girls at a Justin Bieber concert. Dumb. But I did […]

TekmeGear Vegetable Spiralizer-Peeler Bundle – An Excellent Way To Improve Your Cooking & Health

This may seem ridiculous, especially when discussing something as easy as a veggie spiralizer slicer, however what a terrific sensation it is when you finally stumble across something that not just offers you a bargain, however also delivers a way to be a much better cook and deliver a wholesome addition to yourself and those […]