Chronic Fatigue Has Been Hard To Fix – Until Now!

By John Gaydon

In our modern world, more and more of us are getting worn out – fatigued. The situation has reached epidemic status. How many people do you know who are lethargic and don’t have enough energy to get through the day? Could Toxins be the cause?


Certainly I meet many with this condition who have gone through hell. The medical community are really struggling for answers while constantly searching for that “magic pill” which will fix everything up.


There are others who say it is a nutritional deficiency. While for many, that is probably the case, which nutrients are missing, and why do so many elite athletes, with their regimented diets, get this condition? Clearly, nutrition is not the full answer, either.


I am a thinker. I look at logical solutions to challenges. To find solutions, we first need to look at the possible causes. Our modern world is very different from that of our great grandparents. First, the pace of life was much slower. Let’s face it, you had a job for life. Now many are looking over their shoulders, burning out working long hours to secure a job which can disappear in the twinkling of an eye, due to corporate takeovers, or changes in economic conditions. Somehow, we have been caught up in a debt trap where we borrow more and more money which locks us in to working far too much just to keep up. It is no wonder people are getting tired.


On the family side, our kids are taught to be ever more demanding. They are romanced with designer clothes, fast food, and video games. These days every minute – no second – of the day must be used up. I am getting exhausted just writing this!!


There is another factor in modern life. One that is becoming increasingly obvious. One that no one wants to know about, but which is the key to many who suffer from tiredness. The thousands of chemicals and toxins introduced to our environment since the 1930s just might have something to do with this. After all, less than 7% have ever been tested on humans, and the wonder pesticides DDT and Dioxin are now banned because of their harmful effects. Many of these are known to cause cancer, let alone chronic fatigue.


We can deal with pace of life by leading a simpler life, eating well, supplementing nutrition, meditation, and moderate exercise. If none of this works, the real villain might just be a toxic soup of drugs, pesticides, air and water pollution, heavy metals and other nasties stored in our bodies.


Chief amongst these are Mercury and Lead, two metals that we weren’t supposed to ingest. We get Mercury from dental fillings and seafood in particular, and lead from petrol (even unleaded) paint, water pipes, and many other sources. You can get laboratory tests done for these or a simple urine test gives you an idea if these are present for a very reasonable cost.


The good news is that new technology has been developed which can remove the toxins from your body directly and safely. This is more than the popular “quick cleanse” systems which remove waste from the colon. It is more than antioxidants which neutralise free radicals. We are talking about technology that removes toxins from the actual cells.


Our bodies are composed of trillions of cells which communicate via cell receptors. Nutrients attach themselves to these receptors to provide vital nutrition.


Unfortunately, toxins and heavy metals replace these and bind to the cell receptors. This zaps vital energy and leaves you feeling constantly tired. They are very hard to remove. In fact, until now, the only methods of getting these out of the body have been either extremely slow, or outright dangerous!


Now the problem has been solved. Zeolites from ancient volcanic eruptions are small minerals which capture these toxic nasties and remove them safely from the body. Using a new patented process they are cleaned of toxic material and suspended in liquid. They are so small in size they can penetrate the cell walls, and capture positively charged toxins and heavy metals. They even capture excess hydrogen ions to balance body PH. Isn’t it exciting to know that at last we have a way to safely and effectively remove toxins from our bodies.


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